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Rakshana Charitable Trust

Caring for the Uncared

Founded by Mrs.Kavitha Subakar in 2011, Rakshana Charitable Trust is a Registered Nonprofit Social Organization working for child development across India. Since its inception it has been working towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they are born into. Coming from the most desperate of situations, often with alcoholic fathers and a distressed home environment, their future looks bleak. At this organization such children are provided with education, food, shelter, love, care, and guidance in an effort to help them enjoy a happy life.

Kavitha, born and brought up in Bangalore, lost her mother at a very young age. Raised by her relatives, her painful experiences of living without a mother’s love lead her to start Rakshana Charitable Trust. Through this organization she strives to provide love, food, shelter, and education to the orphaned and abandoned children. She started by taking care of four children in a small house providing them basic needs and teaching them. On March 2016, the organization expanded to housing 35 children ranging from 5 to 15 years old.

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What we do ?
We Provide Children with
our mission & vision
Raksana Charitable Trust

Our vision is to provide a refuge to the orphaned, abandoned, unprivileged children. We work to provide holistic care and a support system by guiding, educating, and giving them love and care that they deserve. We act as a transition for the children to lead a life with complete social dignity and make them capable of helping the society in return. We aim at restoring the bright future and create a sustainable livelihood for the underprivileged children.

Our Vision is to make under privileged children, uncared orphans, neglected old people by creating one family roof and provide them food, shelter, clothing, education, care and protection throughout their life.  


Our Mission is to provide unconditional help to the poor and needy in the society

• To feed hungry and poor daily on streets, destitute homes, orphanages, and where there are hungry stomachs 
• To provide free medical treatment to poor and homeless, needy 
• To provide shelter to Orphan and poor children with all facilities in family environment 
• To provide permanent solution to homeless 
• To facilitate last rite service to orphan and poor dead bodies 
• To provide old age homes to neglected old people 
• To distribute Food, clothes and provide shelter to orphan kids, old age people, people and street identified individuals. 
• To identify uncared people on streets, transform them into respectful citizens by cleaning, caring. 
• To educate poor children in slums 

our future projects

Raksana Charitable Trust
Tailoring Classes

To give training through tailoring, embroidery classes for the women and widows from below poverty level, where they will trained and to start their own tailoring shop which they can lead their life.

Raksana Charitable Trust
Home for the Needy
Home for the old age, blind, and handicapped for their needy that can get their basic requirement for living life.
Raksana Charitable Trust
Computer Classes
Today in this world without basic knowledge of computer it’s difficult to get job, also very necessary to know in our daily life, to realize the value of education usage of advanced equipments and moral value, Hence we have planned to start computer classes for the people who are not affordable.
Raksana Charitable Trust
Poor Feeding
Providing food for the children’s who leaves in streets were they are not affordable to have three times a day.

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