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Rakshana Charitable Trust

Caring for the Uncared

Join Rakshana Charitable Trust as a Fundraiser and get paid to talk about Children issues in India and inspire people to make a difference!
The Role
The role of a Fundraiser is to raise awareness regarding Rakshana Charitable Trust to people on the street, at public places, offices, on phone and at their homes and inspire them to contribute funds and become financial supporters of Rakshana Charitable Trust.
  • Develop an understanding of Rakshana Charitable Trust campaigns.
  • Make presentations and calls and explain Rakshana Charitable Trust campaigns to members of the public in a clear and interesting way.
  • Meet set income targets by signing paid-supporters for Rakshana Charitable Trust.
By joining the Rakshana Charitable Trust fundraising team you get to learn about Children issues in India and help Rakshana Charitable Trust remain proudly independent to continue its work for safe and Happy Childhood for all kids in society. You get to work with a team of committed and fun loving people.
Job Benefits
  • An opportunity to learn regarding Children issues in India and solutions and raise awareness among public.
  • An opportunity to be trained in expert fundraising skills.
  • A chance to be part of Children issues in Indian organization.
  • Excellent career prospects with opportunity to travel around the country.
  • Good pay, incentives and flexible hours.
  • A chance to work with a team of like-minded fun loving group.
On the job training
Training is provided to all new fundraisers on Rakshana Charitable Trust Campaigns as also techniques in talking to people on the street and convincing them to become supporters.
Why is this job important to Rakshana Charitable Trust?
Rakshana Charitable Trust objectives or integrity while we take Children issues in India wrong-doers to task. We solely rely on the voluntary donations of individual supporters which our Fundraisers help bring.
Skills required
We accept applications from people from a variety of backgrounds. A passion to work for the Children issues is always encouraged. Candidates must also have:
  • Ability to talk and listen to people and build rapport with a wide range of people.
  • Keen desire to learn on the job and Rakshana Charitable Trust Campaigns.
  • Energy and drive to inspire people and promote Rakshana Charitable Trust.
  • Ability to work towards fundraising targets, accept and implement feedback.
Depends the people experience they pay will be better than the Market value. We also have recognition and reward schemes throughout the year.
Job location: Bangalore
Mail Us your CV’s to : career@rakshana.org
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What we do ?
We Provide Children with
our mission & vision
Raksana Charitable Trust

Our vision is to provide a refuge to the orphaned, abandoned, unprivileged children. We work to provide holistic care and a support system by guiding, educating, and giving them love and care that they deserve. We act as a transition for the children to lead a life with complete social dignity and make them capable of helping the society in return. We aim at restoring the bright future and create a sustainable livelihood for the underprivileged children.

our future projects

Raksana Charitable Trust
Tailoring Classes

To give training through tailoring, embroidery classes for the women and widows from below poverty level, where they will trained and to start their own tailoring shop which they can lead their life.

Raksana Charitable Trust
Home for the Needy
Home for the old age, blind, and handicapped for their needy that can get their basic requirement for living life.
Raksana Charitable Trust
Computer Classes
Today in this world without basic knowledge of computer it’s difficult to get job, also very necessary to know in our daily life, to realize the value of education usage of advanced equipments and moral value, Hence we have planned to start computer classes for the people who are not affordable.
Raksana Charitable Trust

Feeding the Poor

Providing food for the children who live on streets who cannot afford to have food three times a day.

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